After the Wedding Rant


In response to the post on weddings, invitations and RSVPs.

There are several things that you don’t do, but ranting is one of those things that tend to turn people away. And I thought that it would be good to shed a little light on the situation. Even if I don’t want to point fingers or give out any names.

When you are invited out you either say yes or no. We’re generally good about things like that. It is a smaller more intimate setting and we know the people we’re going to be hanging out with. When it comes to wedding people tend to freak out. And even if they don’t flip their lid, they do act a little bit differently.

The whole point of the post the other day was to get a little steam off my chest. And the wedding was a personal affair.

The people involved in the wedding preparations were meticulous and things could have went perfectly, but then things never go off without a hitch.

I hope I didn’t turn too many of you away. I hope there was something positive from the post. And it really is important to tell somebody if you will attend the wedding or not. It is not just a matter of logistics, it is a matter of common courtesy.

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